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At Slavik Accountancy we welcome start-up businesses to come and talk to us.  We can help you from day one to find the best methods of  bookkeeping, the best tax saving positions and help you to break down that accountancy fee by paying monthly.

Are you going to launch your business as a sole trader, partnership or limited company?
Some of the criteria that should be considered are commercial risk, expected profitability, financing, use of cars for  company purposes, and of course tax planning preparation and VAT considerations.  
Have you set out your business objectives in writing?
Can you demonstrate qualified experience in the type of business that you want to launch?
How are you going to finance the company?
What are your expectations for sales, profitability and investment in assets?
Have you consolidated all this information in a formal business plan? 
You should decide whether it is in your best interests to register for VAT  from commencement, at some future date, or not at all if your trade is outside the scope of VAT.  The decision you make on this point will affect both profitability and cash flow of your fledgling business.

If you   decide to close off your business we can advise you the best way to do so with the minimum cost

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