Slavik Accountancy
Bookkeeping and Payroll Services Dublin
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Slavik Accountancy offers various programs of in-house staff training for accounting personnel. Sole Traders and directors of limited companies may want to keep accounts in-house. It is a good point to have everything at hand, especially for big companies. 

But accountancy is a complex profession and some times junior accountancy staff have some problems while recording transactions. In this case we can help you.  If you are not sure that your accounting system is up to date we can come into your office and will: 

  • Restore the accuracy of the accounting records,
  • Find tasks not allocated to your staff
  • Fix errors
  • Reconcile bank accounts, debtors and creditors
  • Train your staff to prevent from making the same errors in the future
  • Answer questions related to practical use of accounting and payroll software
  • Give some hints how Excel can make the life of the accounting staff easier
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